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What To Expect

Over the years, our clients have told us that we’re like the financial version of a personal trainer—dedicated to your success and not afraid to push you to accomplish your dreams. We’re here to help you define your goals, hold you accountable to them, and motivate you every step of the way. You can count on us to give you straightforward, honest advice, and provide you with a comprehensive plan to help you make strategic financial decisions now and in the future. No stone will be left unturned because that’s the standard we hold ourselves to every time. It’s what we’d do for our own family, and it’s what we’ll do for you.

It's a long road

Providing Options for Whatever the Future Holds

At Seleskie Financial, we’re passionate about giving people options for the future. We know that it’s impossible to know how your life will unfold in the next 20 or 30 years, so we want you to be prepared for every possibility. You may not know when you want to retire or if you’ll pay for your kids’ college, but we want you to have the option to fund those opportunities if that’s where your life leads. To support this approach, we guide you through a three-step planning process. First, we help you establish a financial foundation for everything you’ve worked so hard for. Then we help you create assets and protect them from potential risks. In the final stage, having this plan and executing on it will help you live every day with the freedom to do what you want with your future, all starting with a solid foundation.

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Serving You With Excellence

We want to see you thrive in every area of life, and we believe that our ability to make an impact on your future begins with our own development. That’s why we’re committed to constantly learning, setting goals, gaining valuable experience, and delivering a level of excellence you won’t find anywhere else. Founder Joel Seleskie holds a Master of Science in Financial Services and has certified coach training, and the rest of our team includes CFP® professionals, a CFA® designee, and more. We believe our clients are at their best when we are at our best, so we’re committed to going the extra mile to better ourselves for the people we serve.